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    SavvyAuthors Presents Entangled Publishing's Liz Pelletier's 2015 Webinar Series!

    Join Liz Pelletier, Publisher of Entangled Publishing as she gives a guided tour of the key skills, tips, tricks and craft to make your next book the bestseller you know it is!

    Learn to Brand and Market for Success with Liz Pelletier



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    Register now for our NaNo Events!

    Trash Your Doubts for NaNo Success

    Savvy's NaNo BootCamp 


    Do you know if an Agent or Editor wants to see YOUR manuscript after your Summer Symposium pitch? Check here!


    Visit the 2015 Special Events Calendar

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    2015 SavvyAuthors Survey


    SavvyAuthors wants your great class, workshop or webinar!

    Do you have a great class idea?

    Do you give an amazing webinar?

    We want to hear all about it!  

    SavvyAuthors is looking for new and exciting content for our members. Our 2015 calendar is filling up but there is still time for excellent topics!

    Learn more and apply NOW!





















































    Today at the Learning Center...

    Finding Inspiration When the Muse is on Hiatus by Kirsten Blacketer

    There are many times when I find myself staring at a blank document waiting for my muse to start whispering to me. Not that she ever does. That would be far too convenient. Sometimes she gives me the nudges I need to get started, but more often than not those pushes come at extremely inopportune… Read More...



    Today at the Learning Center...

    How to Create A Romance Heroine Your Readers Will Bond With by Lynn Johnston

    Here’s the one of the most important things you need to understand about romance heroines: Your heroine is either your target reader, or who your target reader wishes she was. The heroine is the character that your reader will be projecting herself into and living vicariously through. Your reader wants to experience the ups and… Read More...


    Today at the Learning Center...

    Graphic Design for Authors: Basics of Creating and Sizing Images by Shauna Aura Knight

    Image creation tutorials are not my strong suit, however, a number of authors have asked me to cover some of the basics of working with images, so I thought this would be a good start Graphic Design Tutorials I can’t recommend enough. Back when I was a baby web designer in the 1990’s, I…  Read More...