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    Special Events for all Writers!

    Remaining 2014 Special Writing Events Posted

    2015 Special Writing Events Calendar coming soon!


    Find out if an Agent/Editor requested your manuscript! Announcements on the Savvy Blog!

    Registration is open for NaNo BootCamp in November! Click the logo to the left to register. (Do not register if you are participating in Entangled SmackDown)






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    Savvy Authors December Events

    Online Writing Classes & Workshops

    Starting the weeks of October 27

    Check out our full 2014 Calendar









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    2015 SavvyAuthors Survey

    We're looking for a few great teachers!

    Accepting workshop proposals for our 2014/2015 program year

    Specific topics our members are looking for...
    • Writing craft at all levels from beginning to advanced "tune-ups".
    • Story structure such as novel, short stories, and novellas
    • Self Editing best practices and process
    • Writing Genre-specific fiction from Romance to Mystery, to SciFi to Sports, to YA and NA,
    • Publishing, from traditional to self-publishing and everything in between,
    • Anything that you think is useful or critical for an author to know at any point in her or his career.

    Learn more and apply NOW!


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    Are you a SavvyAuthors Premium Member that wants to be showcased on our blog?

    If you answered yes to both those questions, then we want to do spotlight YOU! Later this year, we are starting something new. We want to promote our premium members in a spotlight/interview.

    If you are interested in a spotlight, please email RJ at savvyauthors dot com. Dates will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    If you aren't a premium member, join or renew now at our low price of $40 per year!




    Today at the Learning Center...

    Where Do You Get Your Inspiration For Your characters? By Torie James

    (Under the Influence of Inspiration) Picture a vast, cobwebbed chamber full of Tesla coils and humming with the lethal, dangerous hiss of electricity as it passes along countless cords on the dusty floor. Above, where a ceiling should be, is open and exposed to the primal elements of nature. Roiling grey clouds pulsing and bloated…Read More...



    Today at the Learning Center...

    The Pro Rookie – The Monster: Care And Feeding Thereof by Liz Crowe

    When I wrote that title up there I realized that many of us have various “monsters” in our lives as authors. The silent muse, the hyperactive muse, the unsupportive family members, the bruised and battered ego, the self-deprecation, the dreaded day job, the dogs that need walking, the house that requires cleaning, the meals that… Read More...


    Today at the Learning Center...

    Just Write by Dana Wright

    Hello and thanks for having me on the blog today. I began my writing journey years ago, but it was only in the last two years that things began to happen for me. I attribute this to some really great advice I got from a Ray Bradbury quote. It said (and to paraphrase): If you…