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    Savvy Authors December Events

    Classes starting Aug 25 & Sept 1

    View our 2014 Class Calendar and our Special Events!



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    Special Events

    Revision Frenzy

    As you plug away on revisions, keep in mind that SavvyAuthors will be bringing you pitching opportunities in September! If there’s an Agent/Editor you’d like to see at SavvyAuthors, tweet us at @SASpecialEvents!

    SavvyAuthors 2014 Summer Symposium

    Registration is Open!






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    2015 SavvyAuthors Survey

    We're looking for a few great teachers!

    Accepting workshop proposals for our 2014/2015 program year

    Specific topics our members are looking for...
    • Writing craft at all levels from beginning to advanced "tune-ups".
    • Story structure such as novel, short stories, and novellas
    • Self Editing best practices and process
    • Writing Genre-specific fiction from Romance to Mystery, to SciFi to Sports, to YA and NA,
    • Publishing, from traditional to self-publishing and everything in between,
    • Anything that you think is useful or critical for an author to know at any point in her or his career.

    Learn more and apply NOW!


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    Today at the Learning Center...

    Crafting The Black Moment by Jennifer Hayward

    So thrilled to be here at Savvy Authors today talking about writing craft. When I was brainstorming about what to write, it came to me that one of the trickiest things for me when I was writing my new release, Changing Constantinou’s Game, was crafting the Big Black Moment – that darkest moment where all…Read More...



    Today at the Learning Center...

    Which is best Joomla or WordPress? By Pepper O’Neal

    Because I teach online classes on both web design programs, I am often asked what the difference is between Joomla and WordPress and which one is best for an author’s website. The answer is complicated because it really depends on what you want your website to do. Therefore, I decided to set out the differences,…  Read More...


    Today at the Learning Center...

    A DRAMATIST’S TALE: Who Do You Believe? by Sally J. Walker

    I am a perpetual learner. The human mind is a vast unchartered landscape awaiting the imprint of new information, new thought associations, and that wondrous, mystical element called creativity. No one is born knowing everything nor does a person begin a new endeavor already knowledgeable of the processes and skills needed for proficiency. Nope, we…     Read More...