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    Special Events for all Writers!

    Remaining 2014 Special Writing Events Posted

    2015 Special Writing Events Calendar coming soon!


    Find out if an Agent/Editor requested your manuscript! Announcements on the Savvy Blog!

    Registration is open for NaNo BootCamp in November! Click the logo to the left to register. (Do not register if you are participating in Entangled SmackDown)






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    Savvy Authors December Events


    Online Writing Classes & Workshops

    Starting the week of November 3

    Check out our full 2014 Calendar









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    2015 SavvyAuthors Survey


    SavvyAuthors wants your great class, workshop or webinar!

    Do you have a great class idea?

    Do you give an amazing webinar?

    We want to hear all about it!  

    SavvyAuthors is looking for new and exciting content for our members. Our 2015 calendar is filling up but there is stil time for excellent topics!

    Learn more and apply NOW!


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    Are you a SavvyAuthors Premium Member that wants to be showcased on our blog?

    If you answered yes to both those questions, then we want to do spotlight YOU! Later this year, we are starting something new. We want to promote our premium members in a spotlight/interview.

    If you are interested in a spotlight, please email RJ at savvyauthors dot com. Dates will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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    Today at the Learning Center...

    Making The Time to Write by Sherry Peters

    One of the most popular questions asked of writers is “When do you find the time to write?” The short answer is, “When you want it bad enough, you’ll find the time to do it.” But it isn’t always so easy, not with work and family and chores and other demands on our time. One way to find the balance is to set achievable and exceedable goals…Read More...



    Today at the Learning Center...

    The POV Problem: Keeping it in Your Head by Brantwijn Serrah

    I recently did some beta reading for a young writer hoping to submit her first manuscript for consideration. I thought the story had some great potential, but of course as this young writer is still testing her wings, there were definitely a few things she needed to learn about the craft. This provided an excellent… Read More...


    Today at the Learning Center...

    How Fantasy Loves Romance and Romance Loves Fantasy by Dora Machado

    People ask me all the time why I chose to write romantic fantasy. The short answer is that I can’t envision writing one without the other. The long answer might be a little more complex. The union of fantasy and romance is a marriage of convenience. The genres complement, enhance and enrich each other. Beyond…